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Welcome,  I am Geraldyne DeBerry

GDeBerry Virtual Business Consulting’s mission is to provide customized administrative, social media, and digital creative services to small business owners and growing faith-based centers in the East Oakland corridor.

The East Oakland Corridor is growing, and I am happy to be a part of the growth. Build where you are resonates greatly with me and I am here to  provide quality services to my Community.

We provide services which unburdens business owners and faith-based leaders from tasks that Boggs them down  which prevents them from using  valuable time  to building resilient and thriving organizations.


What Services Can a Virtual Assistant Provide for Your Company? Any company can benefit from the assistance of a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you have administrative, creative, or technical chores that you don’t want to undertake yourself, a virtual assistant (VA) can assist you. That way, you can concentrate on the things that earn you more money and that you enjoy doing.


CONTACT ME for a Free Consultation and let’s discuss how I can be of Service To Your Business.

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